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EAK Creative Consulting adopts innovative and creative approach as the representation of its' motto. 


EAK Yaratıcı Danışmanlık, yenilikçi ve yaratıcı bir  yaklaşımı mottosu olarak benimser.

Let's get to know each other! 

What we do is not just 'managing' the project well, but also walk in the customer's shoes so that we can realistically address the needs. And of course we do that with creativity, professionalism and dedication...

Yaptığımız şey sadece projeyi iyi yönetmek değil, aynı zamanda ihtiyaçları gerçekçi bir şekilde ele alabilmek adına müşterinin yerine geçerek düşünmek. Ve tabii ki yaratıcılık, profesyonellik ve özveri ile...


My name is Eda Akpınar

Over 18 years of experience within menswear & womenswear brands. From Luxury to mid-level products. My role is responsible for setting the strategy across sales growth and profitability in the region. My goal is assess and identify new opportunities for growth in current and prospective markets. Multi-product womenswear&  menswear designer including Knitwear, Woven, Jersey and Bottoms. Creating marketing plans that promote brand awareness and increase customer loyalty. Managing design process, from initial concept through to final manufactured product. Ensuring critical path is maintained. Constant awareness of up-coming and current fashion trends. Collection range planning. Interpret sales report and develop sales/marketing strategy. Determining the season brand strategy and developing the final market area. Brand creative visual planning and brand identity creation. Leadership and business development between Sales, Marketing, Production and Design units.

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We identify areas where you need to be more creative, and then develop strategies and action plans to improve your creativity.

Brand Consulting

Expert advice and guidance to businesses or individuals who want to improve their creativity.

Collection Design

Developing creative ideas and design for clients that outline the goals and objectives of a project for collection.

Training & Coaching

Provide training and workshops on creativity, and may offer one-on-one coaching to help clients reach their full potential.

Our Clients:

Fashion design consultant our clients
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Brand Consulting

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Collection Design & Range

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Social Media& Content Development

Our Works:

Branding fashion Labeling Brand design
Branding + Catalogue & communication: in Home Textile Brand and Beauty.

We love Design, Art & Sun!

Our design philosophise build on a conceptual approach inspired by the unexpected aesthetic and analytical eye.

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Our Training& Coaching:

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Our Seminars and Trend Analysis:

Contact Us:

Creativity is the ability to come up with new ideas and solutions. As a creative consultant, we will  generate new ideas and find innovative ways to solve problems.

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EAK Creative Art Direction Design Consultant 

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